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High quality renders and more details of Apples new Cupertino Campus

The complete proposals for Apples new futuristic campus have been published by the City of Cupertino.

From the original article: 

There are a lot of interesting new aspects that nobody has seen yet, such as a the mysterious "research facilities" separated from the main building and an underground auditorium.

My guess is that the independent research facility would be the top secret, high security base for Ive's design ninjas and the top engineering SpecOps.

In fact, apart from being pretty and designed to ease the life of employees, the whole Apple Campus 2 seems to be focused on security. It's one of its main objectives:

Create a physically unified campus community that respects Apple's security needs (in part through perimeter protection).

The project overview also mentions security, along with "ease of use":

Apple proposes to create Apple Campus 2—an integrated 21st century campus surrounded by green space. This new development will provide a serene and secure environment reflecting Apple's values of innovation, ease of use and beauty. The state-of-the-art office, research and development facilities include strategies to minimize energy demand, reduce car travel and increase the use of reclaimed.

Check out the new high quality images below:

Arial view render:


Arial View Render 2:


Render 3:


Render 4:


Render 5:


Render 6:


Render 7:


The 'Research Facilities' are not connected to the main building:


The Tech Specs:


Access Paths & Pavements:


Sattelite plan view of the installations:


The new auditorium is mostly underground, connected to the main building through a tunnel:


Another floor of the auditorium:


A cross section of the auditorium:


Elevation renderings of the main building:

Plans showing the main areas distribution in the building:


Techincal blueprints:


Parking space under the main building:


An elevation of the company spa:


Street views 1:


Street Views 2:



Street Views 3:


The before and after:


An image showing the significant increase in foliage:


This plan shows the different types of trees that are going to be used around and inside the building:

 Source: Gizmodo